Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Twitter Tuesdays - Michael "Pun King" Northrop

For the folks reading this blog who know me personally and/or spent much time around my dad, you know that we Whitakers aren't afraid of a good pun or a corny joke. You know that with conversation, as well as movies or television, the cheesier the better. And you know that the show Leave It To Beaver was a dead-on foreshadowing of my actual childhood.

That said, this is 2011 and it's tough to find a person in my generation who not only appreciates a good pun, but responds with a hearty pat on the back versus rolling of the eyes. It's even harder to find someone who can fashion a remarkable pun ingeniously within the strict 140 character limit imposed on us all by Twitter. That's why when you come across such a soul, you tell the world about him and neither of you pardon anything, especially the use of a mighty pun.

Michael Northrop is a young adult author living here in NYC who I get to see from time to time at book events in the city. His two novels Gentlemen and Trapped are anything but corny or cheesy, (in fact, I'd use dark, suspenseful, or gripping instead); yet I've found his own personality to be charming and funny, both in person and online. Here are a few tweets that have made me COL (chuckle out loud):

 Michael Northrop 
Dreamt I was driving a pickup w/ my left hand while firing a shotgun at some ducks w/ my right. Not sure what it means but it's pretty fowl.

 Michael Northrop 
You must be Djoking. Surely that's Nadal there is.  

 Michael Northrop 
My new place is about a mile from the Prospect Park Zoo. Perhaps I will gopher a walk... 

Michael started the day at 999 followers and is itching to break into 4-digits. Head on over to Twitter and help him out. Also, and this should go without saying, follow me! 

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