Monday, October 17, 2005

One Degree from Kevin Bacon

It's such a weird thing to meet celebrities. On the one hand, you already know a lot about them. You've read the rag mags, you've seen their movies or bought their music, you've searched about them on the internet maybe. You know these people. So meeting them can be awkward cause they don't know you at all.

So suddenly, you're face to face with someone you feel like you already know and basically, the feeling that washes over you is something like, "Oh my gosh, I'm a stalker."

I felt that way when face to face with Kevin Bacon. My whole life we'd played the game "6 Degrees from Kevin Bacon", where you name a celeb and then a movie they were in. Then, you name someone else who was in a movie with that celeb and then name a different movie that this celeb was in. Basically, you should do this no more than 6 times before you've hit a movie with Kevin Bacon. Everybody's linked to him.

So I'm on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and Kevin Bacon is on the same episode. As I stand across from him, I realize that as soon as we speak to each other on the set, I will be officially 1 Degree away.

He starts to walk off with the microphone when a stage hand stops him. I cleverly say, "This guy'll steal the microphone, he'll steal anything. I'm not laying my purse down."

He laughs and looks up at me. "How you doin'?" (very New York)

This prompts me to lose all self-control, touch his suede jacket, and say, "Oooo, that feels good."

He walks off chuckling, I turn three shades of red, and realize that celebrities should be kept from the public for the sake of all involved.