Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Dress Time!

I am finally really pumped up about the wedding.

I mean, I was excited when we got engaged. The entire world saw that happiness. Ellen doggone DeGereneres was right there for the whole thing! It was so like a dream; but then he went back to Kentucky and I went back to New York and the only difference in my life was the beautiful diamond on my finger.

Months passed and no wedding planning. Then Ellen offered to throw our entire wedding! Again, a dream.
Finally, we were asked to scout out locations in Lexington, Kentucky and we took lots of pictures. My dad drove us all over the city that day (Mom, Whitney, Jerrod, and I all crammed into his extended cab pick-up truck). I got excited - thought we were going to chip away at planning this thing. Alas, we sent the show the pictures and still don't know where that aisle will be.

More passing of time. I stress: wonder when we're gonna do this, wonder who's gonna plan that. Jerrod tells me I'm crazy on a daily basis. Strangers approach me at Sardi's Restaurant during every shift. I sign autographs, field questions, have no answers. April 29 draws closer.

But now - VERA WANG! That's right. This Friday, my mom and my best friend Whitney are going with me to try on wedding dresses with special assistance from the world famous designer herself! I can't believe it. I just can't believe it. I can't wait to step into the perfect gown. Can't wait to take that deep "this is it" breath. Can't wait to turn to these loving women and see them dab away at the love squeezing out of the corners of their eyes. Can't wait to twirl and twirl - to just stare into the mirror wondering if that princess is actually me - to make another memory.

I still can't believe I'm getting married, but I sure am glad I am.