Tuesday, August 21, 2007

having a baby

somewhere in my side, low, like appendex, is a weird clenching. stress. maybe. or those random days where i think i'm pregnant, even though i'm definitely not. it's the gemini in me, maybe, that creates inner drama where there's none.

still, there's a catch in my breath that i feel above my right breast. is my lung there? or is that just where i'm keeping the "when am i having a baby?" question... and therefore, the stress.

elizabeth gilbert, eat, pray, love writes: "Having a baby is like getting a tatoo on your forehead - you better be 100% sure."

do i really want a tatoo?
on my forehead?

my friend cindy just had a baby, heather is pregnant, brandi is pregnant, megan is pregnant, and you never know when my sister-in-law darla is gonna pop another out.
i could just babysit.

i'm definitely not having a baby.