Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Tweeps - The Fuggirls

So y'all know that I am now pretty obsessed with Twitter. It's so fast and easy and I love scrolling through people's updates on my phone ap. And I think I've mentioned before about the book SPOILED by fellow Poppy gals Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan. (We share the same editor, Elizabeth Bewley, and she told me about them a while ago and sent me an advanced copy of their book.)

Well, since reading Spoiled (which you should also read) I've started following their blog www.gofugyourself.com. It's a fashion blog that keeps me up to date with what celebs are wearing these days and whether or not they're wearing it well. The girls are hilarious and their posts are super fun. And now that I follow their blog, I also follow them on Twitter.

Go to Twitter and search fuggirls. Their updates will keep you in the loop and make you chuckle. For instance, if it weren't for these girls, how would I have known that Brody Jenner chewed gum while he drank white wine at a fashion show this week? How would I have known that just a mere glance from Gerard Butler could impregnate an unsuspecting onlooker? And how would I know that Lindsay Lohan is best friends with a real life pirate? I'm telling you folks. If you don't keep up with fashion or celebs yourself, let these girls do it for you. Follow them on Twitter.

Oh, and buy their book!

PS To the Fuggirls, in the event that you read this blog post, I just slicked back my son's hair with gel for the first time because it was getting in his eyes. Then I realized, my 1 year old looked like Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend, Scott Disick! Oh Lordy.

Justin Bieber
Scott Disick

Fug or Fab? Which hairstyle is better on 13 month old Knox?

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